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We offer you NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP, CLINICS, HIPPO THERAPY with certificate professional, quality HORSEBACK RIDING TOUR, UNBELIVABLE HOLIDAYS on the caribbean side of Costa Rica and VOLUNTEER PROGRAM.

We have 40 years of professional experience with the horses.

​HAPPY HEALTHLY and well trained RESCUED HORSES, LOVE and RESPECT for the horses, them communication and them needs, are our NOT NEGOTIABLE TARGET and GOAL!!

AMAZING RELATION with the HORSES, professionalism, hight quality rides on the beach and in the jungle with sweet 4-legs friend and much more will wait you!!

LIVE a DREAM in the PARADISE with our beloved HORSES!!

During the tour our professional guides will accompany you in the perfect spots, capturing once in a lifetime photos and viewing wildlife in its natural habitat. Our voice trained horses are able to take any rider from beginner to advanced for an amazing time along the most breathtaking pristine beaches of Costa Rica.

Ask for our clinic of Natural Horsemanship and learn more about the horses communication with our beautiful rescue 4-legs friends.

We specialize in 'a la carte' rides, and can help you make the most out of your honeymoon, wedding pictures, child birthday and inncredible HOLIDAYS for an unforgettable adventure....

We offer riding lessons, trail rides and hippo therapy with a professional educator. If you want to learn more about horses and improve your riding skills, inquire about our private lessons. You will get more confident learning how to better communicate with your horse and therefore will enjoy the ride even more!

We just earned the tripadvisor 'Certificate of Excellence' from the 2012! Please check out what our clients have to say about us!

We are located on the caribbean coast of Costa Rica, a gem with its untouched wildlife and palm fringed pristine beaches... 

The ranch is based on Cocles beach, 2 kilometers after Puerto Viejo, in the Olé Caribe road. Our start point is in Cocles...with us you can discover all the best spots with an expert guide!!

Our Rescue Center is located in Carbon 2-La Primavera Road

South Caribbean  -    Costa Rica


We offer volunteer programs from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Learn about the NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP with incredible RESCUED HORSES, in an amazing tropical paradise! 

Horse Vacations

What about an unforgettable horse vacation?

Check out Caribe Horse multi day rides for a magic horseback adventure on a real corner of paradise

Prime Location!

​​​​​Rules and Goal of Caribe Horse Rescue Project

Caribe Horse is an organization that through the service that offer, guarantee hight quality care, food, veterinary and a second life, to horses that were rescued from many different bad situation and that now are part of our family. 
The goal of Caribe Horse is the love and respect of the horses.
Participate to one of our activity and tours, means help a horse!!
Really well sweet trained horses,  imported quality equipment,  qualify and certify professional
staff, guarantee to our guests the best possible experience.
In addition, we support the local community and try to involve the owners of the horses of the area to our project, to be able to raise awareness of the
correct treatment and the needs of the horses, offer a collaboration that allow them have incomes that guarantee the expensive care the horses needs. 
For this reason, please consider that, only the reservation made through Caribe Horse is behind our responsibility, guarantee you an insurance and all the legal and municipal permits to carry out the activity. Our collaborators (instructors or guides) work with the equipment of Caribe Horse and the horses are behind the control, the responsibility, veterinary check and care of Caribe Horse.
Caribe Horse grants to the owners of horses deciding to participate in our project, the full entrance deriving from the activity carried out,
excluding taxes and insurance costs. No financial gain is expected for Caribe Horse as the goal is guarantee the correct care of the horses. 

Reservation made directly to some of our collaborators, without informing Caribe Horse,  represents an unauthorized use of our name, facilities, equipment and horses that are under our care and responsibility, it is a serious damage to Caribe Horse, is not covered from insurance and permits, puts the customer's own safety at risk and represents a serious violation of the legal duties on the part of the collaborators. 
If a similar situation arises, for the safety of your customers and for compliance with the law itself, please report it to our management.
Organize and schedule in advance our activities allow us guarantee to horses and guides the respect of them needs and avoid an overcharge.
In addition, a correct organization in our little family, can guarantee more spot available to your possible guests.
Is important also consider that, for the same excellent care we guarantee to our horses, a long time of preparation is required before every tour, so last second reservation are not possible.

Horse Tours

Have you always dreamed of riding a beautiful horse on a picturesque beach?

What about exploring the beach and the jungle in an eco friendly way?