Puerto Viejo   -    Costa Rica

Help us to help the horses!

Our main goal at Caribe Horse is it to help the horses, rescue them and offer them a better life. The experience of horse care for over 35 years helps us with the necessary knowledge. The experience is based on work with horses in Europe in different kind of horseback riding sports activities, where the priority was to get the knowledge but not the competition, that often asks you to change the horses. Because to us, the horses are a friend for a life. Unfortunately this is not all that’s needed for the rescue, why we approach each one of you to help us help the horses in need. Next to the knowledge we need a lot more, that is difficult to always cover by ourselves. The rescue of horses needs medicine, veterinary work (sometimes for a longer period), food and of course the space. Therefor we have high constant expenses to cover, for the care of our fury 4-leg babies.

Our plan for the future is to extend our stable that has space for 9 horses at the moment. We want to enlarge it to have more space for more animals in need and constantly keep it on a good standard for them. Furthermore we want to buy an additional big land because also the horses will go into they’re well deserved retirement one day. An additional land would allow us to keep the horses and offer them a hopefully long, happy retirement.

We invite you to read about our past rescue work in the section “our horses”, where we present all of our already rescued 4-leged babies.

We hope we could inspire you to help our work in Costa Rica and would be so happy to hear from you. For more details, answers to questions and donation information, don't hesistate to contact us with the following contact form.

We appreciate every help a lot and can’t wait to share more successful stories of rescued horses with you!