We need constantly HELP with DONATION to be able to cover all the hight expense we have for the food and care of our 4-legs rescued friends. The tours and the activities we offer, unfortunately, are are not enough to cover all the expense and care the horses deserve.

Our main goal at Caribe Horse was found a way to HELP HORSES, rescue them from different situations and offer them a better life with all the love and care they deserve.

Incredible passion, love for the animals, 40 years of experience, constant training and updates with different professionals around the world, helps us to build with our 4-legs friends an incredible and incomparable relation.

We consider our horses our FAMILY and best FRIENDS for the all life and every day we HOPE to have more space and possibilities to HELP other HORSES AND ANIMALS.

Our plan for the future is enlarge the space we have, to be able to rescue other friends and have the correct place for the retirement they deserve.
We invite you to read the story of every horse in the section “our horses”, where we present all of our already rescued 4-legs babies.

You can collaborate with a DONATION or with a VIRTUAL ADOPTION and be part of our project.

We hope we could inspire you to be part of our dream in Costa Rica and we would be so happy to share with you more details and answer to all your questions. Don't hesistate to contact us with the following contact form.

We appreciate every help a lot and can’t wait to share more successful stories of rescued horses with you!

South Caribbean  -    Costa Rica