Advanced Immersion - 3 hours - $70 pp (special discount for locals and nationals)

More time for a better understanding and a more complete experience of the wonders of horseback riding ! Highly recommended !

First Basics - 1.5 hour - $40 pp (special discounts for locals and nationals)

A short but intense immersion in the world of horses so to discover the first basics for the care and the riding.

Puerto Viejo   -    Costa Rica

All-Out Experience - 5.5 hours - $100 pp (special discount for locals and nationals)

Why not enjoy at the fullest what Caribe Horse and the Caribbeans have to offer ? Starting in the morning with a 3-hours 'Advanced Immersion' and ending with a 1.5 hour beach and jungle tour, this really is the best way to spend a day filled with adventures and emotions !

* Lunch Included.

Do your children want to spend some quality time with horses ? Do you, parents, want to be sure your children are safe and sound while you go on with your day ?

Then Caribe Horse Kids Activities is the perfect answer for you !

We offer a range of child-friendly activities to enable them to discover the world of horses, how to care for them and love them.

Taking place in the safe environment of the ranch, the children will get to experience first hand what it is like to live with horses, from the discovery of their habits and habitat to the way they interact with each other as well as with humans.

All levels are welcome, from complete beginner to young rider, we adjust the activities to everyone's needs !