I’m PEQUEÑIN. I’m born in 2011 and I’m a criollo.

Other than most of the other horses I wasn’t skinny but based on the horse food I know now, I definitely didn’t get the right nutrition before I got rescued. Even though I seem small, I was meant for the meat industry. If Caribe Horse came just a little later, I wouldn’t be here anymore. They saved me from being sacrificed.

After my rescue I used to be the perfect horse for kids. But during the years I felt like there is more energy inside me than that. I might be small, but let me poof you that I am very powerful. Right now Caribe Horse is working with me to bring me back to the more calm side. I’m not sure yet if I like that, so let’s see what the future might bring. What is sure is that I’m the boss of the horses.

Our rescue Horses

Each one of our horses is unique, same as their storys. We’ve got all of our horses during the year of 2016 and helped them individually to overcome their past. Some needed more, some less. When we started with our 4-leg babies, we didn’t have a lot of money but a lot of passion, what helped us with our work. Most of them changed their owners a lot, why we used positive reinforcement for them to understand the love way. We accustom them to the sea, the beaches and jungle and the sounds of the environment to show them, that it is nothing bad and they don’t have to be afraid of it. Today we can say, we are one big family and everyone has their friends in the herd.

I’m POLAR. I’m born in 2011 and I’m a ibero.

When Caribe Horse got me, I basically had another colour, which was yellow. Until that day, I didn’t know what it means to be washed and get care for my body. I also wasn’t used to any horse food. I found my own nutrition in garbage, bins or in anything that lay around. So when I first got presented to real horse food, I was wondering what that is and stayed with the hay as it seemed more common to what I knew. In my past I lived very isolated and couldn’t communicate with the other horses at the stable in first place. Also trotting and galloping was completely new to me.

After my recovery I started to go on tours. What I like the most about it is the beach. I love to roll and lay in the sand. Isn’t it fun! I am super sweet and like what I am used to. So if something is new, I sometimes need a little longer to understand it.

I’m PACHENCO. I’m born in 2007 and I’m a pure Costa Rica criollo.

My previous owners were very strict with me. They used me for the traditional trotting but used very ruff ways that hurt me a lot. The snaffle bit same as the spurs put me in a lot of pain, why I got scared a lot and tried to escape the pain while running even faster. I lost my trust in humans as to me it meant pain. Caribe Horse worked a lot with me. First of all they changed the ruff snaffle bit which made me immediately way calmer. Furthermore they used the love way that was completely new to me. The love I got comforted me so much but I still need time when new people come around me. For this reason it’s only Caribe Horse that rides me for now. I love treats and to be pet. I would follow you anywhere once I see that I get all the love from you, you can offer.

I’m REX. I’m born in 2008 and I’m a big quarter horse.

When I got rescued, I was without hair and in a very bad condition. A lot of mushrooms covered my whole body. Since I was a baby I didn’t get the right nutrition, which causes my hooves to be very fragile up to today. That’s the reason why I’m the only one wearing irons on my front hooves. On my back I had 3 big balls because I was charged with too much weight on an incorrect saddle. I was biting and kicking everyone that tried to get close to me. I had to learn the love and trust way all from scratch.

Now I’m a very powerful horse and could walk all day every day and get very energetic once I stay inside too long. But also I get an off day when I need it. On those days, I still like to play outside though. I’m very easy to ride and don’t need a lot of accelerating. So better keep your feet away from my belly or I’ll speed up.

I’m BALSAM. I’m born in 2010 and I’m a criollo.

I was living in the wild by myself for a year before I got rescued. Unfortunately the greens in Costa Rica are not so rich in any nutrition I need, therefor I was very skinny, had a lot of parts without hair, got rushes very quick and was generally in a bad condition as my whole immune system was down. When Caribe Horse got me I often couldn’t get up from the ground in the mornings and nobody knew if I’d wake up the next day.

I also had big problems of respiration, as I had an injury in my respiration channel. It is all healed now but because of the skin that grew over the injury you can sometimes still hear that it sounds different when I breathe. Other than the different sound I’m totally fine with respiration though. As if that wasn’t enough, I also have diabetes. But not the sugar one that you might think of, mine depends on hormonal problems which make me live with it fine. When I finally got back on my feet and my body felt better, I still wasn’t used to company as I lived by my own for a long time until my friend Eragon introduced me to the other horses. He always protected me and helped me find my place in the group. I’m so grateful for his help, as I love my family now. After my recovery I also started to love and trust the people that helped me and anyone else that is nice to me. I am a very nice and calm horse and usually have kids or beginners that I can bring on our trails. When I get washed or brushed I have a little diva side and act sensitive when there is no reason to. But pssssst, don’t tell that to Caribe Horse, I like to get a little extra care and attention.

I’m SOGA. I’m born in 2003 and I’m a Quarab.

My last owner liked me a lot but didn’t really know a lot about horses. I basically lived free and ate the grass around me. As the grass in Costa Rica is only water in nutritional way, I got very skinny and had only low energy. I then had a bad accident with my legs. I was put on a leash and it strapped itself around my legs and then I fell down and injured my back legs. The injury was very bad, why at first it wasn’t sure if I could recover from it. The veterinary opend my hooves more than once to let the blood out. I finally needed a whole year to recover from it. During that year I was slowly able to walk again and went to walk at the beach which helped my recovery. I am so grateful to know, that today I can even run along those beaches.

Today, I’m now a very easy going horse. Usually I accompany beginners or kids, as I’m very patient and calm. Sometimes I need a little clap on my butt to move but even about that I don’t care much. Why making life stressful when it can be easy going. Pura Vida!

I’m ERAGON. I’m born in 2014 and I’m an appaloosa.

I was very small and skinny when they got me, as my nutrition wasn’t as it supposed to. My teeth were in horrible condition, why in first place nobody could even tell my age. I was super scared of everything because I felt so fragile but every pound I put on my chest an every inch I grew, made me more confident.

With the lovely care I got from Caribe Horse, I grew at least 10 cm and gained 140kg/300 lbs in a couple of months and have a healthy weight now, which allows me to go on tours. I’m still very playful, why Caribe Horse are the only ones riding me. I love to teach the other horses in the group anything, the good and the bad things. I’m also very protective. When new horses arrive at the stable I’m usually the one that introduces them to the others. But Balsam is still my favourite friend in the herd.

Puerto Viejo   -    Costa Rica