I’m PACHENCO. I’m born in 2007 and I’m a Costa Rica criollo.
My previous owners were very hard with me. They used me for the traditional trotting with very ruff ways that hurt me a lot.
When Caribe Horse found me, I seemed frozen, expressionless, my eyes, my lips, my nose and my ears, expressed no emotion. I was no different from an ice statue and when I was ridden, I tried to start running to escape, even at the risk of getting hurt. The humans that had me, said that I was crazy and that it was better to sacrifice me, that for me there was no hope and maybe I too believed it in that moment.
When I arrived in Caribe Horse, everything changed... the humans where so gentle and calm, they give me a lot of space during the day and a big box to sleep during the night, they didn’t ask me nothing.
I was not accustomed, so in the first period I always tried to found dark small corner for me, similar to my old house.  I had forgotten what it meant to be a horse!! 
I discover that I could move, invent games, play and no humans hurt me for that... every day I did little steps that for me were giant change. 
What more surprised me, was how I started love every cuddle, every caress from humans when before every touch terrified me...especially from Oriana, with who I had from the first moment a special connection. I have an extraordinary relation with my human friend.

 Now I’m health, happy to walk on the beach, all my old problems left me a bit more sensitive than other horses, but now I have a normal beautiful life with my friends and the kids use to love me, because I’m so patient and one of the most sweet horses ever...maybe I like to go a bit slowly, so someone play with my name and say to me Slowga...but the world look more safe if you don’t move so fast!!

​I’m ERAGON. I was born in 2013 and I’m an appaloosa.
​I was very small and skinny when Caribe Horse found me, as my nutrition wasn’t as it supposed to. My teeth were in horrible condition, why in first place nobody could even tell my age. I was super scared of everything because I felt so fragile but every pound I put on my chest an every inch I grew, made me more confident.
With the lovely care I got from Caribe Horse, I grew more than 10 cm and gained 140kg/300 lbs in a couple of months and have a healthy weight now. For me the humans were always a problem, I used to be really extrovert and show how I feel and they use to interprétate all my panic reaction, like a kind of rebellion, but I was only so young, to scared and confused. When I arrive in Caribe Horse the different attitude they have with me, make me understand that maybe these humans wanted to be nice with me. For some reason I feel immediately really comfortable and in love for my human friend Jimmy and after a time of train together, we were able to live together beautiful adventure and do tours in the jungle and on the beaches where I really love to go!!
​I’m very playful, but I need really gentle hands, cause I’m carefully to every little details, that’s why I prefer to go with my friends of Caribe Horse. I love to teach the other horses in the group anything, the good and the bad things: it’s so funny!!

I’m POLAR. I’m born in 2011 and I’m a ibero.
When Caribe Horse rescued me, my hair had another color, because the pure condition in who I use to live, that never made me discover what mean received care or even be washed and brushed... I was yellow when I arrive in Caribe Horae and even a good shower was not able to help me, but my new family knows that after a time of correct care, I will change my hair and discover my real white color... for that reason my name now is Polar!! 

I’m SOGA. I’m born in 2003 and I’m a Quarab.
My last human I had in my life before Caribe Horse, liked me but didn’t really know a lot about horses. I basically lived on a big land and ate the grass around me. As the grass in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica is only water in nutritional way, I got very skinny and had only low energy. He also use to keep me tied all time with a long rope and a day I had a terrible accident with my legs. I was put on a leash and it strapped itself around my legs and then I fell down and injured my back legs... I supposed I remain in this condition for many hours. The injury was very bad, why at first it wasn’t sure if I could recover from it. The human didn’t have a lot of experience so he decide to call a more expert friend that helped me a bit. Unfortunately They didn’t understand I needed a veterinary, so my legs were day by day worst and because the strong infection didn’t allow me walk and work anymore, they decide to sell me to an action house. Caribe Horse discover mu situation and they came to visit me. When they met me they also discover I had a very bad cough... immediately they decide to adopt me!! The veterinary came with the orthopedic and they had to do a local surgery to open my hooves more than once to clean all the infection. I needed many many days of antibiotics and around one year of care, medicine and little walk on the sea to rehabilitate my legs. I know they were not sure if they can really save me, 
I have seen them sad for me many times. But I was a really good boy, I tried to collaborate all time as much as I was able to do because I understood they wanted help me and finally we all, together win!!

We’ve rescued all our horses between the 2015 and the 2016 and we did our best to try to help them individually to overcome their past, but the reality is that they help and teach us much more than how we did.
When we started we didn’t have a lot of economical resource, we only had passions, love and our knowledge and experience with the horses.
The horses are prey and it’s evident how an incorrect attitude from a human can strengthen many of the natural fears of a horse and, how abused situations, can be even more devastating on these wonderful and sensitive friends. All of our rescued babies were frightened, confused and not understood. They had completely lost their trust and in many cases, they had even forgotten what "being a horse" meant.
We trust in the Natural horsemanship and trough the communication, the love, the positive leadership, the trust,  the game and the positive reinforcement, we were able together to build an amazing family. 
We love them so much as part of our family and we all, together, work like business partner to make this second life possible, to try to build a safe future that can guarantee to our 4-legs friends the retirement and rest they deserve and maybe be able to save other needy friends.

I’m BALSAM. I’m born in 2010 and I’m a criollo.

I was living alone, without care, in a big peace of land for one year before I got rescued... apparently the place was big and nice, but I’m not a wild horse, I needed care and unfortunately the grass of the Caribbean area was not able to feed me, because is reach of water and low in nutrients.
The scars on my body and the terror I had of humans and other horses showed that my life, was even more difficult before.
When Caribe Horse adopt me, nobody knew if I’d wake up the next day. 
I was skinny, stressed, my whole immune system was down, most of time I was even not able to stand up on my legs, I had big problems of respiration, lot of parts without hair and got rushes and pain on my all body because the rain rot and the fungos.
It took me more than 2 years of care, food, veterinary treatment, love and train, be the horse I’m now. For a long time, even when everything seemed to improve I had strong relapses, until finally my family, with a great veterinary, discovered that I had also a hormonal problem that cause me a special kind of diabetes. 
In my new home, I was also able to make many friends, the first one was Eragon: he introduced me to the other horses, he protected me when I was still to weak and he helped me find my place in the group.
​​Now I’m a healthy and really happy horse, I could spend my all day playing, I’m a great teacher with the youngest horses.

My sweet and quite behavior, make me the favorite horse for kids and beginners, but also the more expert loves me because I’m super intelligent!!

I also wasn’t used to any horse food. I found my own nutrition in garbage, bins or in anything that lay around in my little dark home. So when I first got presented to real horse food, I was wondering what that is and stayed with the hay as it seemed more common to what I knew. In my past I lived very isolated and couldn’t communicate with the other horses at the stable in first place. Also trotting and galloping was completely new to me.
After my recovery I started to have many friends, play with them, I discover the sea and that I’m an incredible swimmer, I enjoy so much swim into the ocean and do bubbles under the water...one of my favorite game is roll on the sands and I really enjoy take nap on the beach. I am super sweet but sometimes I still have some problem to understand the other horses and if something is new, I sometimes I need a little longer time to understand it.

I’m REX. I’m born in 2008 and I’m a big quarter horse.
When I got rescued, I really look horrible, it was also difficult to understand which kind of creatures I was... I was big but so skinny, my bones were all visible, I didn’t have hair on my body that was covered of fungos. 
Since I was a baby I probably didn’t get the right nutrition, which causes my hooves to be very fragile up to today and my big size doesn’t help me, for that reason I’m the only one wearing shoes on my front hooves. When I arrived, I had strong pain on my back because for 3 large flakes that had been caused from incorrect saddle. 
I was so scared, and even when I was free with the other horses, I was biting and kicking every human that tried to get close to me. But the love and care I started to received, the freedom, the game with the other horses, make me understand that the life was not so bad and that I could try to trust also in the humans.  
Now I’m a very powerful horse, I love to

receive attention and care, that’s why sometimes I like to be a bit dramatic. I love to play, I’m a giant, but I still feel like a little bird. The leadership is not for me, it make me feel insecure, so I feel much more comfortable with a good safe leader. I have a lot of energy, I could walk all day every day, if stay home to take relax on the field for more days, I start to feel a bit nervous!! I’m very easy to ride, really sensitive and don’t need a lot of accelerating. So better keep your feet away from my belly or I’ll speed up.

 I’m also very protective and sweet: when new horses arrive, I’m usually the one that introduces them to the others. 

I love to play with the foal, but Balsam, my first horse friend, is still my favourite one.

I love to be pampered, but I'm afraid this calls into question the leadership I obtained with my 4-legs friends (that make me feel so safe)... so in the presence of other horses and humans, I will never show you, but if I am alone with my favorite friends, I become very sweet. Win my trust is not easy, I love very few humans with whom, however, I am truly faithful and protective.
When I arrived I was a bit sad and did not believe in myself, now I know that even if I’m small size, I’m a really strong, proud and fast horse.Caribe Horse is still working to bring me to a more relax side, I did incredible change, I’m really intelligent and I can be really collaborative. They try to explain me that I never have to be afraid and fight anymore in my life...I’m not sure yet if I like that, so let’s see what the future might bring. What is sure is that I’m the boss of the horses and that now I know my humans loves me, protect me and will never abandoned me!!

South Caribbean  -    Costa Rica

I love so much sleep close to her on the beach and when she scratch my ears (now I discover that many humans can do it...)
I discover also that if I do many strange faces, I attract the attention and maybe the humans give me more treats and cuddles.
Now I accept my humans friend ride me, I just need a little time to trust in everyone, only the kids don’t scare me from the first moment, I’m so gentle and they appreciate that so much... I think they are more sensitive and they understand more than the human adults!! I love to go for a ride with my friends: it is so funny!! No one more hurt me, I never see anymore the snaffle bit and the spurs... I don’t need to escape, I can enjoy every walk in relax, sometimes maybe could seems I sleep, but it’s not my fault: walk on the beach is so peaceful and swim in the sea during the hot days is amazing!! I’m so happy and I know my humans friend really love me so much!!

I’m PEQUEÑIN. I was born in 2011 and I’m a criollo.
If Caribe Horse came just a little later, I wouldn’t be here anymore: they saved me from being sacrificed!!
I spent my all life in a place with donkeys and I didn’t know the future the humans prepared for me. The donkeys were not easy friends and I had to fight to be able to find my place. Also the humans I met before were not nice with me: they supposed I needed strong method to understand.
When Caribe Horse rescued me, I discover the love and the care, I discover I deserve to be respected and understood. They try to speak my language and it was not easy communicate with me, because I was really confused about what the world expect from me. In the first period, it was difficult for me share the place with the other horses, I though I had to fight and be aggressive to survive, but after a time, I was even able to have friends and play with them...maybe just not always!!