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We are located in the rain forest, where the climate is tropical. It means that it is hot and humid all year round. Be prepared by bringing along light clothes. Nights are comfortable as it gets fresher. Tropical climate also means lots of insects, be prepared... None of them are dangerous, but some

of them can be impressive! 

Things to bring with you

- flashlight

- insect repellent

- a hat

- sunscreen

- light clothes (long sleeves light blouse to protect you from the sun, riding pants... beach clothes) 

- rubber boots (you can also buy them here for 10$)

- poncho/rain jacket

Transport from San Jose to the ranch

You have basically 2 options:

- a shared shuttle from the airport to Puerto Viejo that will cost around 55$US (leaves at 8:00am and 3:30pm)

- the public bus, 10$ per person, leaves from the bus terminal. You will have to get a taxi or a bus from the airport to the bus terminal.

Contact form

Want to send us an application to join our team? Make sure you first have read and understood all the details...

Please fill in the form describing the following:

- your age

- your height and weight

- your detailed experience with horses

- the dates you are applying for (need to be precise)

- why do you think you are the perfect candidate... 

and we will get back to you shortly!

South Caribbean  -    Costa Rica

​​​​​​​​​Caribe Horse Volunteers

Volunteers are always welcome to come and help us take care of our 4-leggs babies.

  • We only accept volunteers for a minimum stay of 2 weeks. The idea behind this limitation has to do with the wellbeing of our horses as it is essential that they be able to trust and bond with their carer.

  • Moreover, a real and solid experience is required for any applicant. All our babies have been rescued and as such, all have had pretty traumatic experiences before. They are our number one priority and we only want the best for them, in terms of love, care and training.

  • As far as the personality is concerned, remember that our work is made up equally of human and horse interactions. As such, it helps to have a sweet and outgoing personality, to be able to care for our horses as much as for our clients.

Working as a volunteer

In our opinion, all the volunteer's work and attention must revolve around the horses and their wellbeing. Every voluntary can learn more about horses communication and NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP.

We have professionals working full-time to ensure the stables stay clean and we do not need the volunteers to take on these duties.

What we need most of all are passionate, horse-lovers that help us in our everyday work with the babies and the tours we offer clients visiting the Caribbean coasts.

- Everyday care

Everyday, our horses must be groomed and cared for. Due to the particular conditions of the tropical climat, bacterias and infections fosters at a much faster rate.

Thus a higher assiduity is required in the tending of horses : the body and the skin as well the hooves must be cleaned daily.

- Tours

Caribe Horse offers rides through the beaches and the jungle from Cocles up to Manzanillo. We have all types of clients, from beginners to experts, of all ages.

We always need help for the tours to make sure the clients as much as the horses are safe and happy during the ride.

The volunteers could accompany us on these tours, riding or walking, depending on the needs of the group of the day.

- Riding

As mentioned above, all our horses have been rescued and arrived at our ranch with a lot of traumas and health issues. For this reason we have had to train them all again entirely, so to bring them to a state where they feel safe and are able to enjoy human presence again.

We use the love way and the correct communication with the NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP, which for us is the primary aspect of our work. If by now our horses are all fit for work, they do nonetheless require a regular work in order to maintain them in the best mental condition possible.

This is why we can only accept volunteers with a real expertise as we need a strong set of skills regarding horse-riding. By working with us, the volunteers will get the opportunity to improve greatly their knowledge, as long as they are open to learning...